McGraw Hill Reveal Math K-12

Mc Graw Hill


McGraw Hill Reveal Math K-12

McGraw Hill Reveal Math K-12

McGraw Hill Reveal Math Website

McGraw Hill Reveal Math Website

I worked at McGraw Hill as a product designer and created both digital and print designs for Reveal Math. The product included an online learning platform, print student editions, a spiral bound teacher guide, workbooks, and games for students.

Diamond Cellar

At Diamond Cellar, a jewelry retail store in Columbus, Ohio, I served as a graphic designer. I was responsible for reinvigorating the branding of the company and creating consistency across all communication channels. By creating and implementing branding guidelines, I was successful in making sure that all visuals, print materials, in-store displays, and digital media, among other platforms, aligned with these guidelines. My contributions strengthened recognition of the Diamond Cellar brand among customers, as well as strengthened the relationship between the company and its customers.

Pro Sign and Graphics

I designed a new website for ProSign and Graphics that was tailored to showcase the services they provide and the latest vehicles they had wrapped. I also designed a uniform for the employees that featured their logo and reflected the look of the vehicle wraps they produce. Additionally, I worked with ProSign and Graphics to establish a rebranding plan to freshen up their company image and make it stand out from the crowd. Lastly, I developed a marketing campaign that outlined the new web and uniform design, as well as other promotional materials.

Limited Too

I worked in the visual merchandising department while at Limited Too, mostly creating photoshopped mock-ups of the floor sets for the store managers to show how to place the product in the stores. Every once in a while I would get a fun project to do like this temporary tattoo design, which I think came out great.


I was responsible for creating my own vision of branding, marketing and promotions for Lotus, a restaurant/lounge that hosted DJ events in the evenings. My tasks included designing branding pieces for the events, producing a podcast for the space, creating menu designs, and booking talent for the club. It was a great experience for me and I learned a lot about creating compelling campaigns and branding.

Political Direct Mail


As a designer, I take pride in creating the direct mail pieces clients need to stand out amongst their competition. I designed political mail pieces targeted to a number of districts. I created each piece to be attention grabbing, knowing that it would be competing against a sea of other mailers. The mailers featured bright color palettes along with a clear, concise messages. I am proud to say that the mailers were successful and that the candidates who used them won their respective districts.