Blue Moon

While working for Orange Barrel Media, I was tasked with creating environmental graphics for this “blue moon” promotion for Blue Moon Beer. Sidewalk graphics were created with vinyl and applied to the sidewalk outside of a busy restaurant and bar area in Charlotte.

Gypsy Cafe

For the Gypsy Cafe, I created a unique visual identity package that perfectly represented this middle-eastern lounge. The logo featured an illustration of a hooka, with the name of the cafe in Arabic lettering inside the hooka. This logo was used throughout the building, from menus to window displays, allowing customers to easily recognize the cafe and its unique flair. We also used vibrant colors and energetic patterns to further reflect the distinct culture of the cafe. This design gave the cafe an inviting and warm atmosphere.

Pepsi Max Field of Dreams

I worked on an immersive experience created for Pepsi Max’s “Field of Dreams” game that was played at Huntington Park in Columbus while employed at Orange Barrel Media. I created a vinyl outfield fence graphic along with dugout covers donning the Pepsi Max logo, and sourced faux-corn stalks to complete the transformation of the ballpark.